Saturday, August 3, 2019

Online Talent Haunt Application Form, How To Apply

Cradle talent show is here again. This talent haunt comprises of different categories.
This is to inform anyone that are talented in one way or the other, to apply for this talent show.
Cradle to fame talent show is one of it's kind , they help people who have passion in their talents.
Alot of people don't have platform to show their talents, why some have platform both no one to help them

Categories of Talent Haunt:

1. Acting
2. Dancing
3. Comedy
4. Singing
5. Technical
6. Drawing

Which country is Cradle to fame talent show located?

This haunt is always hosted in Nigeria. Although we have some international talent haunt in some parts of Africa, USA, UK, etc

Is There Any Fee For Registeration?

There is Small fees you need to pay in other to qualify for the show. The amount is #3500.
And 18 year is the minimum amount of age you reach before registeration.

How To Register

Visit , and fill in the details and submit, then make payment if you are interested.

Details Needed When Filling out The form

Your Name
Email Address
State of origin
Phone number
Contact address
Ambassador code

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